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First confirmed show of 2021

The first show of 2021 has been confirmed -   The Warner E. Hodges Band will be playing at the Sound Bay Festival, taking place at Patti Pavilion in Swansea, on May 1st 2021 (May Bank Holiday weekend). 

T-shirt update

The first ever Warner E. Hodges Band shirt has arrived and has now been shipped out. We gave you the option of customising your shirt and although the standard black shirt remained the firm favourite, we thought you might like…

'Just Feels Right' Track Listing 

Just Feels Right”: This one is a homage to my R & R and Country roots. Exactly what you would expect from me. 

Don’t Bring Me Down”: Kinda snarky commentary on where I’ve been, and…

Album pre-order info

The Warner E. Hodges Band are due to release their eagerly awaited debut studio album, “Just Feels Right” on April 27th 2020. It will be released on CD and three limited edition deluxe double vinyl LP sets, standard black vinyl…

May/June Tour Dates, Sweden Rock Festival

We are pleased to announce that the Warner E. Hodges Band will be appearing at Sweden Rock Festival on June 3rd - their biggest show so far. The band will also be on tour in the UK and Europe throughout…

August 2019 Update

Hey Y’all, 

We are in the middle of the Dan Baird And Homemade Sin American tour, and y’all should get out and catch an American show. Ask anybody who has seen us - they’ll tell ya DB & HMS are…

WEH Band album and tour plans

Hey Y'all, 

Greetings from Nashville! 

I've been kinda a busy guy, but Hell, I like it that way. 

We have managed to finish the new Dan Baird And Homemade Sin record 'Screamer' , produced by Joe Blanton, with…

Homemade Sin Tour Update

Hey Y’all, 

Man Oh Man, what a couple of weeks can do to a band??? 

There is a sayin' in Alcoholics Anonymous; "Go ahead and make plans, It's a good way to make God laugh". No DUH????? 

Well, as most…



Live at Kendal, Bootleggers, July 26, 2017 – First Set, plus four bonus studio tracks 

Out late August, pre-order now 

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