August 2019 Update

Hey Y’all, 

We are in the middle of the Dan Baird And Homemade Sin American tour, and y’all should get out and catch an American show. Ask anybody who has seen us - they’ll tell ya DB & HMS are not to be missed. After this there's a LOT coming up.

On August 24th the WEH Band play at “Thunder In The Glens” up in Scotland. Big Ass Festival, and we can’t wait. Loads of Loud Ass R & R for that night. 

I then rejoin DB & HMS for shows at Bootleggers, Kendal, a 2 night stand at The Greystones in Sheffield, and The Green Hotel up in Kinross, Scotland. 

Then the mighty three band triple bill of Jason And The Scorchers, The Kentucky Headhunters, and Dan Baird And Homemade Sin. We are doing eight shows in Great Britain between September 5th - 14th. They are the only Jason And The Scorchers shows of the year. Y’all come on out. Should be a serious “Ass whippin” goin' on. 

Then we have a make up show from earlier in the year of DB & HMS at The Flowerpot in Derby. That place rocks. We are so looking forward to it. 

After that The WEH Band have 7 British shows. Pushin’ the new WEH Band “Live At Bootleggers” record. Getcha one. It is a huge slab of R & R. 

The WEH Band are also hard at work on a new studio album for release in early 2020. John Powney, Jason Knight, and Ben Marsden will be “Kickin ass and takin names” with me a few times next year too. 

Y’all keep it between the lines , and Let It Rock Y’all. 

See ya at a show soon!