WEH Band album and tour plans

Hey Y'all, 

Greetings from Nashville! 

I've been kinda a busy guy, but Hell, I like it that way. 

We have managed to finish the new Dan Baird And Homemade Sin record 'Screamer' , produced by Joe Blanton, with Dan's able help. It is chock full of R & R songs. Mr. Baird seriously wrote some great tunes for this one! You can order it from https://www.jcplmusic.com/product-category/dan-baird-shop/

We are back in Europe on August 24th with DB&HMS starting in Belgium - full listing at https://www.warnerhodges.com/shows

That tour is a month long with dates in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, The UK, Spain, and culminating with 5 Italian gigs . Sounds like fun!

I then will do a WEH Band tour starting on October 11th at The Green Hotel in Kinross, Scotland. The tour will finish up in Sweden. We cannot wait! We will do loads of songs from my "Right Back Where I Started" record, along with "Gunslinger" tunes, and loads of other tunes (both albums available to order from https://www.warnerhodges.com/store)

The band will consist of Jason Knight on bass, John Powney on drums, and Ben Marsden on guitar. I'm planning on playing a little guitar too. LOL. Should be KICK-ASS! I know the band will be! 

In early November, Dan Baird And Homemade Sin go back to Denmark. Lord knows we love us some Denmark. Then on to Germany, the land of my birth, Switzerland, and our wonderful UK run of shows we always seem to do at the close of the year. There are special plans for the UK shows on this run, but y'all will have to wait for the announcement. 

We go into 2019 with Dan Baird And Homemade Sin on The Outlaw Country Cruise to the Bahamas from January 27th - February 1st. I have managed to do all 3 previous Outlaw Country Cruises and they are a spectacular time. This one is sold out, but there is a waiting list. Y'all come if ya can. It's always a great time. 

There is also talk of a possibility of recording a Bluefields record this coming Winter. We have all been so busy lately that The Bluefields have had to take a back seat in our schedules, however, looks like it might happen. Lord, I hope so! 

As usual, I am at work on a new solo record, but it'll have to get in line. Ha!

Also, for those who would ask, I know Dan Baird is chomping at the bit, and already writing towards our next record. He is doing great after his treatments for CLL, and is in fine form. I could not be happier about this, as I will get to play a bunch more guitar! 

Hopefully I'll see y'all out at some shows. Y'all come on out and say hello afterwards. It is because of y'all that we get to do what we do. Thank You ALL for your support.