LAST NIGHT (29 July 2015) KEVN KINNEY RESIDENCY #4  THE 5 SPOT, Nashville, TN 

Well, at one point during My Little portion of the show tonight I had Dan Baird, Brad Pemberton, Joe Blanton, Kevn Kinney, Todd Snider, Chuck Mead, and Elizabeth Cook onstage at the same time, with Me singin' Lead. That AIN"T right!!!!! Elizabeth told Me She "Was pround to have stood in front of Your Amps"!!!! Hell yes, and My Girl Debi-Rue managed to make it to the show too. Thank You DB, Brad, and Joe for being absolutely stellar. Also Thank Kevn Kinney for being an absolute "Bad Ass" See Y'all down in the Atlanta area on Sat. for a drivin' n' cryin' / Cracker co bill.  (Villa Rica) 
I can't wait!!!!! If anyone got a pic of all of Us on stage at the same time. Thank Y'all. Lord, I LOVE livin in Nashville Tennessee.

Blanton, Baird, Cook, Hodges, Kinney, Mead, Pemberton, Snider (DNC Straight to Hell) photo courtesy Deone Jahnke


photo courtesy Mitch Laney