2015 News

Alrighty, going to be a busy year, love busy, thank you,  I'll be playing in Drivin N Cryin, the Euro tour is 21 April 2015 - 02 May 2015, I will be doing every date I am available with them this year. Looks to be a fun year>>>>>confirmed dates, as well as USA dates (beginning Feb 18) are on my shows page or you can go visit DNC at http://www.drivinncryin.com/tour/. 

Dan Baird & Homemade Sin:  We are in Scandinavia (except for Denmark) from May 18-June 1st. Mostly Sweden and Finland (YAY). 
There is also an Oslo Norway date in here somewhere????  
The annual DB & HMS  Swiss / German / Netherlands /UK Euro run will be mid October - Late November.  
A tour in of the USA is scheduled for July of this year for DB & HMS. Lets hope it happens!~!!!  http://www.danbairdandhomemadesin.net/  and don't forget to get your copy of Circus Life (CD or Vinyl) 

The Bluefields:  There is a Nashville show scheduled for June 7th - Dragon Park, details to come... http://thebluefields.com/ , don't forget to get your copy of Under High Cotton, Ramshackle and Pure (there only a few copies left of Pure, before it vanishes) 

WEH solo electric show at Music City Roots on June 10th.  
Working on a WEH solo Euro tour in late August / Early September. Look out Spain!!!!!! 
Possible WEH Euro solo electric shows November - Early December 
and Gunslinger is available to post 

Jason and the Scorchers:  Check out the concept, JATS live with dancers at the Kennedy Center, April 10, 11, 19 see the story at http://jasonandthescorchers.com/ and get started making your plans for this rarity, come on out and see us, ticket links are on the JATS Shows page or on my Shows page.